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Recbad Singles Ladder

by John Whittaker

Upcoming tournaments - Where will you be playing next?

Saturday 24 October 2015 - Monday 26 October 2015

25 registrations

UL Sports Arena Co Limerick Ireland 
Saturday 10 September 2016

Earlier tournaments - Where others competed.

Tuesday 28 July 2015 - Wednesday 30 September 2015
Saturday 15 August 2015

7 registrations

Central London, WC1N, Russel Sq area. Address private. 
Monday 20 July 2015 - Monday 10 August 2015

6 registrations

Wrocław,Strzegomska 150a, 5th floor 
Tuesday 14 July 2015 - Wednesday 15 July 2015

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Tournia offers you all the features you need.

Help organizers with organizing their tournament

Tournia is an online platform to help tournament organizers with everything they need to organize an awesome tournament. You can manage player's registrations, have a special tournament website, create teams, start matches, publish rankings, etc.

Run your tournament online, from anywhere!

No need to install software. Tournia is hosted in "the cloud", which means you don't have to install any software or updates on your computer. Simply go to and open your tournament. Also, you can run the tournament with multiple computers at the same time, and all information is synced automatically to all devices.

Works with mobile, and for players there's Live tournament information

Once you enable the Live feature, players are able to see all the current, upcoming and past matches. It's possible to look up players, see statistics and even to enter the score for a match. All from any mobile device.

Create your own tournament website, also for tablet and smartphone

It's easy to set-up your own tournament website. Just enter a few fields about your tournament, the content of pages, and you're ready to go! It automatically also works on tablets and smartphones.

Available in the App Store

The Tournia app is now available in the App Store! Download the app to show all your tournaments, and receive notifications during the tournament!

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